MFA Work

Artist Statement

I grew up a latch-key kid in the Silicon Valley of the 1970s and 80s with no sense of cultural or ethnic identity of my own. My identity was formed from an audio-visual saturation through the technology and media that pervaded my life. Television, music, and movies played the role of a surrogate parent that shaped aspects of my personality indelibly; My current body of work explores this relationship. By drawing inspiration from the electronic sources that inspired me I create props and movie sets that my viewers can experience through interactions and make memories of their own. By choosing modest materials such as old clothes, fabric remnants, cardboard and household detritus, I strip the objects of their intended purpose and offer a humorous and playful entry point into the work. Camp and theatricality serve as a facade for more troubling issues of artificial identity and a state of anxiety that comes from media bombardment.


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