Category: Web Development

  • Vue.js Recipe App

    Vue.js Recipe App

    Made this cool, fun recipe app using Vue.js, MealDB, tailwind, vuex, and vite. It was really fun playing with vue.js, I’d only done short tests and very small, mostly static projects in vue.js before this. The tutorial on it was on YouTube by Codaholic. Good video! It’s live on Netlify

  • The library

    The library

    This is a really easy to use css library that adds motion to your website with just the addition of a classname and the inclusion of a file. Easy Peezy lemon squeeezy. Go straight to the github page.

  • Magic Eight Ball Project

    Magic Eight Ball Project

    I made this demo for my class and I’m really into it. Thought I’d share! It’s a pretty easy project using html/css javascript and a little jquery. If you want to do the tutorial here’s part one and part two on my youtube channel