A Portland-y weekend

Pub at the End of the Universe

Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays. We had a very lovely weekend and I’m having trouble getting motivated now. Let’s retrace our steps.

Friday morning I took Mississippi into Rockin’ Roxy’s for a half day and Tricia convinced me to take the night off from doggy duty. I went home and cried my eyes out. I was more drained than I could have imagined. I tried to nap, I tried my best to take it easy but wasn’t very successful. Tom asked me out on a hot date so I went downtown after work and poked around until Tom got off work. We went to Jake’s Crawfish for dinner, which was ‘eh’. It’s sort of your standard olde thymey tourist trap. I made a smart decision however and opted for a salad and a slice of banana cream pie. So actually yeah, my dinner was pretty good. The bottle of wine was tasty and that was all I was really interested in anyway.

We then headed back to our hood to check out the Pub at the End of the Universe. This was a place I was dying to check out, fully expecting it to be small and creepy. It’s actually a very fun place with lots of pool tables and a good juke box. We’ll be back.

We then headed home and played music in the basement. I played my ES-335 that I bought off Rob a few years back. I forgot how fun it is to play, even if I am the worst guitar player on the planet. It was fun to play music with my man. We fully expected to sleep in until 8 on Saturday but my phone rang at 6am. I was scared something happened with Mississippi so I rushed to the phone only to find that it was just the same lame-o “the factory warranty on your vehicle is about to expire” computerized call that I get every single day. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I kept thinking about Mississippi, wondering how her first night away from home was. We went to Subaru to get all the SF vandalism finally erased from our car. Tom had called ahead two weeks ago to make sure they had all the parts they’d need to fit everything and they said they did. But wouldn’t you know it, they only had 1 of the 10 parts we needed, so the whole thing was a complete fricken waste of our time. One piece of good that came out of it was that we got to have breakfast at J&M on SE Ash near Burnside and Grand.

J&M restaurant

We then headed out to the Alberta Art Hop to check out the scene. Lots of doggies, all making me think about Mississippi. We stopped in at a music store and a bike store, got a soda and some bread at a great french bakery, and headed out to big box land to get our car door locks fixed at Best Buy. We’d had a car lock thing installed a couple weeks ago and they did it all wrong. We have been to big box land WAAAAAYYY too much since we moved here and I think I’m just about done with it. I hope we never go back there. No more Best Buy, please. please please please. It is so terrible out there. Its like being in the desert only there is no other life other than fat tourists. The only food is terrible Red Robin and the waiting takes forever. Please stop giving us soda refills! No wonder everyone out here in box land is fat.

Stack of rings at Red Robin

But anyway, they fixed the locks! Yay!!! So we headed back to SE land and stopped by the Goodwill. While in big box land, the cupid of exercise equipment struck me with an elliptical machine arrow that I was not able to pull out. Stupid cupid.

We picked up Missi, made roast chicken, and tried to relax. Sunday we went for a drive to Mt Hood, just to see it. It’s purdy. We didn’t really do any stopping except to grab a bite at Grace Su’s China Gorge restaurant. It was ok, not very good actually. We stopped in Troutdale for a scoop on the way home, it was a scorcher! Then came home and took Mississippi to the dog park. She had a really great time. She even met two small kids. She was a little hyper around them at first but seemed to quickly pick up that she needed to be calm around them. It made me feel a lot better that maybe she’s going to be ok around kids after all. I was afraid she’d be too mouthy.

Last night was very relaxing and Mississippi was great. Today, she was a terror. I couldn’t stand being around all the barking and I left our house at around 10:30 to hang out with Tom at his nice, quiet, dog free office. Sorry Mississippi, you make me nuts sometimes.

I’m wondering what it is that I do. Lately my life has been so dog centered that I feel a little lost. Even if I’m doing stuff without Mississippi it feels like I’m doing “not dog stuff”, which is almost exactly like doing “dog” stuff because you are actively thinking about how you are not doing “dog stuff”. And on days like today, when being around her makes me want to scratch my eyes out, it’s no wonder I have a case of the Mondays. I suppose I should find some way of snapping out of this before it turns into a case of the Tuesdays.






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