• Page a Day: Women of Bauhaus

    Page a Day: Women of Bauhaus

    Welcome to Women’s history month! What a great time to start this project up! Today I’ve made a simple page about some of the women of the bauhaus school.

  • Page a Day – skeuomorphism

    Page a Day – skeuomorphism

    I’ve decided to do a daily web page. Static, art-inspired, and weird is what I’m going for. Today’s web page is inspired by the story of Scott Forstall and Jony Ive, two designers in Apple’s history with stories that everyone loves to tell. In our rink we have Scott Forstall, into “photo illustrative” design elements. […]

  • Dug up some old botanical drawings

    Dug up some old botanical drawings

    Did this set several years ago and I love them. Juniper was a toddler. Reminds me how much I love to draw botanicals. All were done with Sakura Pigma Micron pens.

  • What engineering teams *still* look like

    What engineering teams *still* look like

    I found this image of Mr. E.M. soon after his take over, after all but a few engineers remained, after the mass exodus, mass layoff. The picture showed a team of engineers after pulling an all night code review. There were lots of smarmy comments about it but it wasn’t the comments that struck me, […]

  • That one time my band opened for Flock of Seagulls

    That one time my band opened for Flock of Seagulls

    It was at the Cactus Club in San Jose. It was in February 1991 so I was 20 years old. The flock didn’t talk to us, so we made fun of them in hushed giggles. Very immature, I know. All I remember is that they were traveling in an airstream, something I didn’t think was […]

  • Dee Dee and the Dolphins

    Dee Dee and the Dolphins

    In 2019 I participated in Liberation Rock Camp. This camp is for grown ups and is sponsored by Girls Rock Camp. In a weekend we formed a band with strangers, then wrote and performed an original song. Here’s our video:

  • Dreamland: Little Rock’s West 9th Street

    Dreamland: Little Rock’s West 9th Street

    Just watched this movie. It’s heartbreaking but hopeful. It’s part of American history we need to talk about.

  • The first of august

    The first of august

    Todays log a couple weeks after the proverbial barn burned down. caution! an image of a human heart is in this post! I left CETI on Jul 15th. It was sudden and painful. The last straw was a big one. SO I just walked away. Here I am. I’ve been trying to make and make. […]

  • An OSU article about Anna Fidler

    An OSU article about Anna Fidler

    My dear friend Anna Fidler had an article written about her through OSU. She’s the best!

  • The Animate.style library

    The Animate.style library

    This is a really easy to use css library that adds motion to your website with just the addition of a classname and the inclusion of a file. Easy Peezy lemon squeeezy. Go straight to the github page.

  • John C Jay Lecture at PINC 18

    ‘It’s no time right now to be reactive, you have to be proactive, and it’s much easier to be proactive on the client side,’ says John C Jay to explain his transfer from advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to fashion company Fast Retailing in 2014. Fast Retailing is the parent company of multiple global fashion brands including […]

  • Artist Marianna Williams

    I like this artist’s work so I’m posting here in order to not lose their link!

  • The Letterkenny Soundtrack on Tidal

    I’m a big fan of the show: Letterkenny and I love their soundtracks so I was very pleased to find this list: So I spent a couple hours putting together a Letterkenny playlist on Tidal, my new favorite streaming service. Its a weird mix of Canadian punk, EDM, rap/hiphop, and pop. enjoy!

  • Punk Flier Archive on Cornell U Library

    Cornell U Library online has an assortment of punk posters available for non-commercial use.

  • I’m on a podcast!

    That’s right, my esteemed colleague Sean Schumacher has a podcast called: “Did I Do That?” It’s about making design and making mistakes. The episode I’m on is called “My dangerous fish attack” or something like that. You can hear it here:

Got any book recommendations?