A collection of Writings by Alanna Risse

Tech Writing

Contributing Writer: Austin Startups
(Remote) Austin, TX, 2016
Technology article “The Tech Gender Gap: The Lack of Women Coders and the Movement That’s Fixing It.”Read it here.

Book Author: Unofficial Guide to Photoshop CS2. This 700 page book was full of recipes for doing real world projects in Photoshop. It was published in April 2006. Here is the description from the back cover:

Photoshop CS2 may be powerful and groundbreaking image-editing software, but to use it with confidence you’ll need to know its quirks and shortcuts. Find out what the manual doesn’t always tell you in this insider’s guide to using Photoshop in the real world. How do you pick the right resolution? What are the secrets to preparing images for the Web? From working with multiple layers to understanding color management, first get the official way, then the best way from an expert.

Contributing Writer for Webmonkey.com
San Francisco, CA – July 2001 – January 2006
Articles included: Camera Raw Exposed, JavaScript Slide Show, Intro to .JHTML.

Art Writing

Family Writing

  • Contributing Writer, Red Tricycle. I wrote articles about Coastal towns, gluten free goodies, kid friendly pubs and indoor play spaces.

Music Reviews

  • Indiegeek.com was an old music review site of mine. I started it in 1997 to learn HTML and I kept it going for a good 10 years or so.


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