365 Apples

crab apples

For my 2009 resolution I decided to eat 365 apples by December 31st, 2009. The rules are loose but basically I need to eat 365 whole apples before the year is through. Several a day is fine. I can cook with the apples but I have to eat the whole fruit, juice does not count. I am photographing and writing about the apples. I’m trying my best to attach some sort of story or experience with each apple but some days an apple is just an apple.

I wanted a resolution that was easy and natural for me. The apple project has been a fun experiment for me to see if I can take a simple resolution and turn it into a sort of art project. So far, after 195 apples I am not sick of apples. In fact, I love them more now.

Photos of the apples can be found on my Flickr account. The category for my apple related blog posts can be found here.

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