I just sent off my first version of a Table of Contents for (hopefully) my new book. I’m so nervous. The TOC was one of my more painful memories from the last book. I think I know what they are looking for and I think I gave them a nice outline. Now I just have to wait and see what they think of it. Tom says I shouldn’t worry, but if I always listened to him, I’d never have any fun.

This afternoon I have to put together some samples to show them. I’m tired. might be time for a coffee. I had very unpeaceful sleep. when I did get to sleep, I had weird dreams about a brainwashing preacher who was preaching to a large congregation in a large stadium at an amusement park. They were giving out tons of cake and candy. There was a couple behind me that was seriously sucking face. Another audience member decided she should taddle on them because they needed to be saved from the path of evil, or something. After the priest chastized the couple, he made some false statement about me, he dared call me by my name, and I just yelled “Liar!!!!” I felt embarrassed and empowered at the same time. And shocked that the word just burst out of my mouth. I also felt like the entire place was full of ridiculousness and I just wanted to get out, but I wanted to eat my cake too. What’s more important? Honesty or cake? I know! It’s a tough call. Any Jungians out there want to give that a crack!?!? My brain is a fascinating wonderland. I have zero religious experience in my background. I’ve just been taking a lot of History and Anthropology classes. I guess I have developed a strong attitude about patriarchal, organized religions. I also seem to have a strong attitude about cake. I have a great deal of history with cake. Me and cake, we go waaay back.






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