Big weekend

Hi, I’m really tired and it’s bath time. Here are some highlights from this weekend:

Friday I went over to the east bay to gets some hardware and ended up tooling around with mod for a couple hours. I went to the studio for a bit, then drinks at Wish with Tom and Todd. Sausages for dinner with tater tots and a couple of good movies. Saturday morning we had a pork store breakfast, followed by a nap on the couch, then headed to a wedding. Great wedding, saw lots of old friends, had too much to drink. Sunday slept in a bit, made a big sausage and egg breakfast then went off to the Albany bulb for some nature and art. Albany Bulb photos. came home and got dressed for our anniversary dinner at Butterfly. Walked down the embarcadero, ate a nice meal, lots of steak this weekend. Then we walked down Bay to North Beach. Had a couple drinks at the International and saw Frank Caliendo at Cobb’s. Taxi home, slept in late today, got up, headed to north beach to find tom a small travel guitar on Grant street, no dice, store closed. So we grabbed some fresh tomato foccaccia from my new favorite bakery in North Beach (grant and green?) and relaxed in Washington square park for a while.

Then we decided to try some south bay places for guitars, one was comnvenietly located near Weird Stuff Warehouse (twiddles fingers together and laughs). Stopped by IKEA, nearly died from crowd overdose but got out safely with a new bedroom light, a new pillow and a large cup full of lingonberry drink, our favorite. In Sunnyvale we found Tom a great little guitar that will be fantastic for France and excellent for camping and road trips. Then we hit up Weird Stuff, I love that place, graveyard for all the old retired computer parts of the silicon valley. The guy was trying to make all kinds of deals with me, I think he saw a return customer. Got lots of lights and fans and speakers for the machines series. Then, yum, In and Out for dinner. We’re back, we’re exhausted, the new light is installed and fantastic, it’s time for a nice hot bath, and possibly some tv. What a weekend.