Hard working woman

Hard working woman

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I made sure I had some plans this morning because I’m just feeling a
little lost and dewildered at the idea of spending the summer painting.
I’m so terified about money right now. I was going to go to the south
bay as a pseudo day off and to look for parts for my machines series. I
couldn’t take the car though so I had to get my butt out of the house
and find something to do before I drown in a pathetic pool of laziness
and confusion. I walked over to the de young, hoping for some
inspiration from the african/indian art collection. But it was closed!
Silly, its monday. So I walked to radio shack and got enough doodads to
get me started on these little 4×6 paitnings. I rode my scooter to the
studio, first time actually since tom’s accident that I’ve braved
alemany. I’ve been working my ass off today and things are looking good.
I’m so worn out and ready for a snack. This is the first full day I’ve
spent here in a very long time. I earned my dinner today for sure.

“If I am lost, its only for a little while.”

by Band of horses