Is Thursday almost over?

Where has the time gone? I spent this morning studying, this afternoon painting and this evening studying. Time for bed. Here is a bedtime story. Have you ever read the Jean-Paul Sartre cookbook? I first saw this in an email forward in probably 1991. That’s before there was a real big world wide interweb that everyday peoplelike you and me could use. How weird is that. Anyway, clicky the linky.

Oh! and on the tv show “House” last week, they said “interweb”! Stacie Chun, you could have trademarked it! Then everyone would have to say “interweb tm”

Today at the studio, as I was frosting my paintings for the Lisa Coscino Gallery postcard show, I thought, how funny is it that I feel like I’m frosting a cupcake. Then I picked up my heat gun, I felt like I was blow drying. Then I plugged in my iron, and I thought, this is too funny, there really must be some sort of weird subconscious connection with encaustic painting and the stereotypical domestic american housewife. I am living out all of the constructs of my culture imposed upon me as a Disney child! I am a prooduct of my environment! I am american! I am woman! I cook, I clean, I iron! No matter what I try to do to avoid it, it pops up somewhere else! This makes me very happy, not angry. My Disney prince did come. and strange as it may sound, I think I held out for him because I knew he exhisted. God, this post makes me want to puke, I’d better stop before it gets really weird.

Make a wish into the well.
That’s all you have to do.
And if you hear it echoing.
Your wish will soon come true.
I’m wishing. (I’m wishing.)
For the one I love.
To find me. (To find me.)
Today. (Today.)
I’m hoping. (I’m hoping.)
And I’m dreaming of.
The nice things (The nice things.)
He’ll say. (He’ll say.)