Nineteen Weeks

So guess what? It’s (probably) a girl! We had our big midway ultrasound yesterday and though the ultrasound tech said he always tells people to avoid decorating their baby rooms in all pink, he checked a million times from all kids of angles and it appears we have a cute little girl in my belly. From the ultrasound she kinda looks like the misfits logo. I got some not so great ultrasound photos but my scanner is not working right now. Everything about our little heirloom tomato is measuring perfectly average, so looks like we have a healthy, happy baby. She sure wiggles a lot. There were two other trainees in the room with us so Tom kinda got a bum deal. He could see, but it was crowded.

We moved last weekend and I was beyond exhausted. I got to crying stage of exhaustion and even hit a throwing stage yesterday. Though I refrained from throwing because it wouldn’t have made anything better. Do not underestimate just how effing tired you get when you are pregnant. It’s not a sleepy tired, it’s more like a “I walked 50 miles in the desert with no shoes and without any water” kind of tired. My hips felt stretched out, my back ached, my legs ached, shoulders, head, pinky finger, everything ached. So although I had been doing great on my daily yoga, I had to take a couple days off. And I was all excited about our clawfoot bathtub but I discovered that the overflow drain thing was installed upside down, so you can only fill the tub about a third full. I fixed it and will continue to modify the tub until I can get the water level dangerously all the way to the top. Danger is my middle name you know.

We still have no heat. It’s been warmer this week, but it’s still cold enough that I haven’t wanted to wash my hair or even change my clothes. We are getting closer however and I’m hoping we have heat by Friday afternoon, please oh please oh please. Being pregnant and cold is a bad combination. It downright sucks ass. big, wide, donkey ass.

I’m definitely pregnant now. I can see my profile in the medicine cabinet when I shower and it’s getting kinda shocking. I had to take my rings off, they were getting too tight. My hair is so thick it never dries, hence the shower avoidance. My nails are still thin as ever. Well… maybe they are a little thicker. I have trouble staying up past 10, sometimes 9. My maternity jeans are starting to not fall down as easily. Unfortunately I’ve developed a sweet tooth that I can’t seem to shake. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we haven’t been cooking much this week so my diet has gone downhill. I made a stew yesterday, but cooking in a cold, disorganized kitchen sucks. Plus I had to eat all the muffins and donuts we had leftover from the move. Then the previous owners of our house came by with rice crispy chocolate treats (how nice is that?). There’s just too much sugar around me right now. I need to go back to the grapefruits.

From here on out, I want just a few things to get our lives back in order. I want to get our old house totally cleaned up and the keys picked up. I want heat, so badly! so badly! I want some stuff from the hardware store so I can get my office set up the way I want it. And I want most of the boxes out of our lives. There are lots of other things I want, but if we could just start there, I’d be a happy girl. I also want a crib really really bad. Not for me, for the baby, silly!

OK, trying to hang in there. Trying really hard. Tonight Tom has a show at the Someday Lounge with Summer Ono. Tomorrow we have a vet appointment so that we can take Mississippi to get evaluated at a doggy daycare place nearby on Friday. Saturday is clean up day. Sunday we have visitors, and hopefully we can give the old keys back. It all feels never-ending and exhausting right now.