no more tests

I took my last test today! hurray! I have to go in tomorrow but it’s just briefly and it doesn’t involve taking any tests. I met Mod this afternoon for a bloody mary lunch at the ramp, then we headed over to Sports Basement to tease ourselves into and out of buying some pants and shoes. I should have warned Mod what an unsatisfying co-shopper I am. I’m a shame to all women. I am so wiped out now. I’m sucking down an iced coffee and hoping for a second wind.

I’ve been getting all hopped up on my painting ideas and been buying electronics parts. I think I’ve figured out a solution to making a simple on/off mechanism, just need to find the necessary parts, then it’s al soldering and drilling. Woo hoo! Art is neat.

This weekend is our 6 year anniversary. We’re thinking about a little kayak action. We’ve got a wedding to attend on Saturday. I will try to control myself with the wine and whatnot. I don’t want to spend our anniversary with a wedding hangover.