productivity is up and to the right

I am getting lots done today. I got my lazy arse to the gym this morning and worked out for an hour and a half. I did the precor cross trainer thing for a half hour, then a mellow half hour row followed by a half hour brisk walk. I’m hoping a little weekly rowing will help my back pain and annoying shoulder pain.

Then I went to Farley’s cafe and didn’t study. This afternoon I went to CCA to register for Fall. I have 5 classes and I only had to pick one that was kind of random. Not bad for my first semester. I’m taking Color Workshop, Drawing Abstraction, Materials and methods, space, one word many meanings (math), and intro to textiles. The textiles is the random one, and although maybe a more specialized textiles class would have been fun, I think I can have a good time in the class.

I also found a motorocycle jacket for $30, yeah you heard me. And I look like a disco space alien, which has been my lifelong dream. Disco space aliens rule, they also get run over less because they glow in the dark. I’m now at Tom’s work trying to study but they are so fricken loud here it’s ridiculous, I can’t hear myself think, and I think pretty loud.