The 100 day dress challenge

A few weeks ago I went through my closet and everything I didn’t want to immediately wear, I put in big bags. These were old favorites I don’t want to let go of but don’t wear anymore and clothes that don’t fit me but I’m convinced will fit me soon after I lose all that weight. I now have a reasonable amount of things hanging, my drawers aren’t bursting, I can find my favorite underwear and bras because that’s all that’s in there!

I’d heard about the Wool& 100 day dress challenge where you wear one of their dresses for 100 days in a row. On completion, they give you $100 towards a new dress! I decided to do it. I’m not on Day 16 and I love it. The only things I need to do for dressing, is find socks if I’m not wearing sandals, find a clean bra, underwear, and some bike shorts (I like bike shorts under my dress so I don’t accidentally show off my undies). That’s it! A fun necklace and earrings, maybe a sweater if I think it’s going to be chilly.

We’ve been using Ridwell for a few months now. I love it, and every other week I get to get rid of a small bag of clothes, or pay an extra $1 to throw in a larger bag. They find new homes for things, and I get some real estate back in my life.

Slowly trying to pair down! What I know today is… Less clothes are awesome.

Love this video! Use your stuff or lose your stuff.