The 80s are the new 80s

We went to New Wave City at the DNA lounge last night and danced to some 80s music. I don’t dance anymore so I had to drink a lot of vodka and I think maybe I had one or two or three or four more than I should have. So instead of studying all day today, I hurled and moaned and hurled some more. It’s ok though. I am feeling better and I’ll just do what I can for tomorrow. Astronomy homework due and we are meeting in groups to talk about women’s history. if I don’t get a list of notes together, my classmates will beat me with a large, nail ridden stick, and then they’ll give me an F in class participation and I’ll cry.

I’m tired of talking about myself so I’ve been thinking of ways to spice of the blog. I think I might start having artist of the week where I sort of give a 5 minute bio on some of my favorite artists and give you links to go see their pretty things. What do you think about that? Beep!






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