The first of august

Todays log a couple weeks after the proverbial barn burned down.

caution! an image of a human heart is in this post!

I left CETI on Jul 15th. It was sudden and painful. The last straw was a big one. SO I just walked away. Here I am.

I’ve been trying to make and make. It feels like the only thing that’ll heal me over this. So, my first simple project was to paint these birdhouses I’ve been wanting to paint forever.

Next up, I needed to draw some raccoons. I collected racoon photos and started with this drawing in my sketchbook:

I started thinking about raccoons paired with weird stuff, then other things paired with weird stuff and ended up putting this together:

strawberry heart dragonfruit

there was a lot of collecting today of images, especially patterns and water. some fun experiments in the works around that. I want to try and write here again so I just wanted to post these things before I go to bed. night night.