100 Days of Making at ITP

I’ve been looking through ITP’s course offerings, just brainstorming on tech I want to learn or teach, and I came across this class: 100 Days of Making. I love the idea so much. here’s the Course Description:

Iteration and its impact on your creative process is the theme of this class. This course turns its head on the traditional academic class structure and, instead of focusing on a final project, focuses on a daily, iterative design practice. Students identify a theme, idea or topic they would like to explore over the course of 100 consecutive days and commit to iterating on that idea every day. Students must produce and document physical evidence of their efforts. Projects can focus on building, writing, drawing, programming, photographing, designing, composing or any creative expression.

from https://itp.nyu.edu/classes/100days/course-overview/

Some examples of work:

Dalit Steinbrecher: 100 days of manipulating printed page
Nancy Li: 100 days of coding
En-Tung Liu: 100 days of inner landscapes