Category: Music

  • Dee Dee and the Dolphins

    Dee Dee and the Dolphins

    In 2019 I participated in Liberation Rock Camp. This camp is for grown ups and is sponsored by Girls Rock Camp. In a weekend we formed a band with strangers, then wrote and performed an original song. Here’s our video:

  • The Letterkenny Soundtrack on Tidal

    I’m a big fan of the show: Letterkenny and I love their soundtracks so I was very pleased to find this list: So I spent a couple hours putting together a Letterkenny playlist on Tidal, my new favorite streaming service. Its a weird mix of Canadian punk, EDM, rap/hiphop, and pop. enjoy!

  • Punk Flier Archive on Cornell U Library

    Cornell U Library online has an assortment of punk posters available for non-commercial use.