scott forstall and jony ive duke it out

Page a Day – skeuomorphism

I’ve decided to do a daily web page. Static, art-inspired, and weird is what I’m going for. Today’s web page is inspired by the story of Scott Forstall and Jony Ive, two designers in Apple’s history with stories that everyone loves to tell. In our rink we have Scott Forstall, into “photo illustrative” design elements. Jony Ive who is known to hate”skeuomorphism” in design. Because of the internet interest in their two very different styles, skeuomorphism has a bad rep in design. But it’s just an opinion. Everything in digital UI is skeuomorphic. But the term has come to assume a level of cheesiness or unprofessionalism.

My personal opinion is that everyone loves an opinionated white guy and we should take a step back and consider that everything has a time and place. We do ourselves a disservice by making blanket statements about design.

Things should be useful, accessible, and delight the user. End of story.

I believe that skeuomorphism is important to web game development as well as platform game development. I think it’s going to be very, very necessary in XR.

Page a day – Skeuomorphism