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  • Figma UX/UI Fundamentals course cetificate

    Figma UX/UI Fundamentals course cetificate

    I’ve been bust this summer updating and rounding out my skills. And though I’ve used and taught Figma for a long time, I was suprised to see how many things I DIDN’T know. Excellent course on Skillshare, Dan is really funny. I made a dorky speaker company website. Best part was really diving into Figma’s…

  • Page a Day: Women of Bauhaus

    Page a Day: Women of Bauhaus

    Welcome to Women’s history month! What a great time to start this project up! Today I’ve made a simple page about some of the women of the bauhaus school.

  • Page a Day – skeuomorphism

    Page a Day – skeuomorphism

    I’ve decided to do a daily web page. Static, art-inspired, and weird is what I’m going for. Today’s web page is inspired by the story of Scott Forstall and Jony Ive, two designers in Apple’s history with stories that everyone loves to tell. In our rink we have Scott Forstall, into “photo illustrative” design elements.…

  • John C Jay Lecture at PINC 18

    ‘It’s no time right now to be reactive, you have to be proactive, and it’s much easier to be proactive on the client side,’ says John C Jay to explain his transfer from advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to fashion company Fast Retailing in 2014. Fast Retailing is the parent company of multiple global fashion brands including…

  • Punk Flier Archive on Cornell U Library

    Cornell U Library online has an assortment of punk posters available for non-commercial use.

  • I’m on a podcast!

    That’s right, my esteemed colleague Sean Schumacher has a podcast called: “Did I Do That?” It’s about making design and making mistakes. The episode I’m on is called “My dangerous fish attack” or something like that. You can hear it here: