• Market day

    Market day Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Saturdays are the big market days in carcassone. The square is teaming with delicious cheeses, salamis, breads, olives, vegetables, fruits, spices and much more. I don’t know how much we spent but we circled around a couple times and got all sorts of goodies. Seems my french breaks down […]

  • Beach day

    Beach day Originally uploaded by angrypirate. We drove to a beach near narbonne today and floated around in the gentle waves. The water is wonderful and the beach was nappable. There was a large sand bar so the waves were gentle and the water warm. Everything a beach should be.

  • Bugs on the brain

    Bugs on the brain Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Here is the first of many bug drawings. Its not quite done. I’ve started two more and I’m learning from mistakes made on this one. I wonder if ill have enough work done by next wednesdays show at the abbey. Lots to do. I’m finally feeling some […]

  • Notre dame du cros

    Notre dame du cros Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I started this pastel drawing at a church near here. I did a sketch of the same building last year. Its been a slow start for me this year but I think that’s going to change, starting today. –alanna

  • The crazy book caper. Episode one

    The crazy book caper. Episode one Originally uploaded by angrypirate. We went to Montoleur yesterday to look for some books. Boy did we find some. We returned to a store where I found last year’s treasures and the owner helped me find what I was looking for through sign language and frenglish. He showed me […]

  • First sketchbook entry

    First sketchbook entry Originally uploaded by angrypirate. This is a watercolor sketch of the roman bridge on the berges property. Today we are doing some plein aire painting down the road. Tom was sick al day yesterday and I’ve been pretty wiped out myself. Its been a mellow couple of days. Just getting set up, […]

  • Berges v 2.0

    Berges v 2.0 Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Here we are! It was a long and tiring journey but we made it. The weather is warm and lovely. Today the agenda is groceries and swimming. More to come…

  • Here we go!

    Here we go! Originally uploaded by angrypirate. We are now boarding a plane to new york, viagra then off to paris, malady toulouse, and then a car to caunes-minervois. We have coffee and breakfast breads. All is right with the world. Avoir!

  • New message board!

    Now you can talk to me all you want! Go register!

  • Last day in the USA

    I am busily trying to fix bugs on one site and get a little more progress done on another one. I just haven’t been in a bloggy mood lately but I promise that changes tomorrow. We board a plane at 9am tomorrow morning and head out to Caunes-Minervois France for two weeks of bliss. I […]

  • grrrr

    cranky, diagnosis grumpy, busy. just two more days til I fly away.

  • days of the week

    Tuesday. Today is tuesday. Then comes Wednesday, ask Thursday, and Friday. Saturday I fly away.

  • waiting

    I have been pretty bad at updating this thing every day. I just have nothing to say. I’m in waiting and circling mode this week, finishing up some work, getting a bunch of things done for cca, sending paintings off. It’s boring stuff really. I had a fun packed weekend. Wedding on Saturday and dinner […]

  • Too early?

    France is one week away. Do you think it’s too early to pack? I leave real early in the morning so maybe it’s wise to pack now so I won’t be rushed??? My suitcase is in the hallway yearning to be filled. I got one of those hard case gigantic suitcases so I could transport […]

  • Dreaming of France

    I am so ready for a nice two week holiday. My nerves are exposed and I can’t take it anymore. I am so very, very tired and I want to sit in a pool. I want to draw pictures of bugs and go on adventures. I want to sip coffee while sitting on a porch […]

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