• Slaving

    Hi, I’m working my little fingers to the bone on a little project that is taking up many hours that I won’t get paid for. Freelancing really does suck on a lot of levels. I just want to work for my boyfriend. This independent agent stuff just means I get reamed up the arse a […]

  • nope

    Hi, nothing to report today, go visit Seussville instead.

  • Super Cool Art

    Space Filling Curve Generative Abstract Geometric Art Don Relyea.com

  • In Progress

    This little guy is still in progress. Strange how plain they look at this stage. I got a lot done this weekend despite having a screwed up back. How did that happen? This week is all work, work, work. I am trying to get four paintings done so I can shoot slides and send them […]

  • Five for Pacific Grove

    My five 4″ x 6″ encaustic paintings for the Lisa Coscino Gallery postcard show are done. Clicky the image to see all of them

  • Excerpt from Dr. Seuss bio

    I’m reading a biography on Ted Geisel aka Dr. Seuss. It is fantastic. Here is one of my favorite sections. Sorry for giving away one of the best parts of the book, but if it gets you to buy the book, I’ll forgive myself. Anyone who grew up with Dr. Seuss would get a kick […]

  • shouldn't have stepped on the scale

    wow! shock and horror! I shouldn;t have stepped on that scale today. I’m feeling panicky and doomed. I don’t know what to do.

  • Working

    Working Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I’m working hard for my money today. Ok well not really. I’m wrestling with dreamweaver templates. Then back to the studio for more wax.

  • Big weekend

    Hi, I’m really tired and it’s bath time. Here are some highlights from this weekend: Friday I went over to the east bay to gets some hardware and ended up tooling around with mod for a couple hours. I went to the studio for a bit, then drinks at Wish with Tom and Todd. Sausages […]

  • Outta there!

    Outta there! Originally uploaded by angrypirate. Bye bye city college! I’m outta there!

  • no more tests

    I took my last test today! hurray! I have to go in tomorrow but it’s just briefly and it doesn’t involve taking any tests. I met Mod this afternoon for a bloody mary lunch at the ramp, then we headed over to Sports Basement to tease ourselves into and out of buying some pants and […]

  • One down, one to go

    One down, one to go Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I made it through my astronomy test. I think I did really well. I think I might have an A in the class! I can’t believe I’m one final away from freedom. Tomorrow is french and I should do fine. I’ve worked hard in that class. […]

  • productivity is up and to the right

    I am getting lots done today. I got my lazy arse to the gym this morning and worked out for an hour and a half. I did the precor cross trainer thing for a half hour, then a mellow half hour row followed by a half hour brisk walk. I’m hoping a little weekly rowing […]

  • Hard working woman

    Hard working woman Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I made sure I had some plans this morning because I’m just feeling a little lost and dewildered at the idea of spending the summer painting. I’m so terified about money right now. I was going to go to the south bay as a pseudo day off and […]

  • Cutest boy in the world

Got any book recommendations?