• Need old mortherboards and components

    Hi, if you have pieces of old computer motherboards and collections of capacitors, leds, and transistors, you can send them my way. I’m considering taking my project one step further and embedding objects into my paintings. Looks like I’m taking a trip to Weird Stuff Warehouse on Monday. I haven’t gotten to see any art […]

  • Two more to go

    Hi kids, I finished my Art History final today and got my paper back. Got an A, of course! I’ve been studying for french and writing my last astronomy extra credit paper, and now more astronomy studying. Nothing exciting here. Here, I’ll share the first part of my paper about Alice Neel. This is actually […]

  • Is Thursday almost over?

    Where has the time gone? I spent this morning studying, this afternoon painting and this evening studying. Time for bed. Here is a bedtime story. Have you ever read the Jean-Paul Sartre cookbook? I first saw this in an email forward in probably 1991. That’s before there was a real big world wide interweb that […]

  • Show in Piedmont

    Many folks from my old studio are having a reception this Saturday in Piedmont. Fresh Paint Exhibition – Second Coat Piedmont Lane Gallery 4121 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA Fresh Paint Website Today was the last day of classes, just three more finals to go. I feel exhausted even though this week has actually been kind […]

  • great work poem

    I was feeling a little sing songy this morning and I made up this poem. you are so confused you don’t know what to do you walk around the room as if in some sad gloom the summer’s here at last school classes you will pass what will you do today to pass the time […]

  • Art Events in the near future

    FRESH Women Studio May 16-June 4, 2006 / reception Friday May 19, 6-8pm STUDIO GALLERY 1718A Polk Street, San Francisco gallery hours: Wed – Sun 11-6pm http://www.studiogallerysf.com FRESH women are Susannah Bettag, Rena Buchgraber, Michele King, Ann Maley, Elisabeth Scheidl, Michelle Wilcove Website The FRESH women are a collaborative female voice in contemporary art. Using […]

  • Womanhouse 1972

    We recently watched a documentary by Johanna Demetrakas about the Womanhouse project in my women’s art history class. My class had some surprising reactions that I didn’t expect from a group of liberal San Franciscans. Here is a brief history of the project followed by some of my responses to reactions. Womanhouse was an art […]

  • The 80s are the new 80s

    We went to New Wave City at the DNA lounge last night and danced to some 80s music. I don’t dance anymore so I had to drink a lot of vodka and I think maybe I had one or two or three or four more than I should have. So instead of studying all day […]

  • carbon babies take over

    Hydrogen converts to helium. The helium hangs out in the helium bar and the center of the star, chilling and mixing until gravity starts squeezing. Things get heated up and the helium starts making carbon babies. That’s what I learned today in class. Wednesday I learned that corn consumed them all! Them being the mound […]

  • Fear

    Fears I have: â?¢ I won’t get the book deal and I’ll be up shit creek for money. I could really use a book advance right about now. â?¢ I will get the book deal and it will break me into little pieces â?¢ Art school will put me in large amounts of debt â?¢ […]

  • Paper day

    I have today to finish two papers. Once I’m done, it’s all about studying for final exams. I’m getting close yet it’s so hard to focus. My papers weave and ramble through confusing paragraphs that lack conclusion or focus. I might need some vodka to get through this day. Or maybe too dangerous? OK, focus […]

  • Pirate Maps!

    Holy Moley! Pirates!

  • Sightings of me!

    I was looking for mentions of my book and found two fun things. First, A children’s story/drawing I sent into Found magazine finally made it onto their site. See it here. I wrote those comments so long ago, it seems like they were written by someone else! And this person shared one of the tips […]

  • Power Tool Drag Races

    We went to the power tool drag races for a while today, despite the stupid, pointless cold I came down with yesterday. It’s so sunny and nice today. I wished I could have stayed all day and drank lots of beer. Atleast I left the house for a while. Here are some pics:

  • The popcorn attack of 2006

    We were innocently popping some popcorn in our hot air popper last night. We’d had a couple shots of tequila and were feeling fine. The popper was going a little nuts so I tried to turn it towards the wall so the flying popcorn madness would stop. A very hot popcorn kernel flew in between […]

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