• The Letterkenny Soundtrack on Tidal

    I’m a big fan of the show: Letterkenny and I love their soundtracks so I was very pleased to find this list: So I spent a couple hours putting together a Letterkenny playlist on Tidal, my new favorite streaming service. Its a weird mix of Canadian punk, EDM, rap/hiphop, and pop. enjoy!

  • Punk Flier Archive on Cornell U Library

    Cornell U Library online has an assortment of punk posters available for non-commercial use.

  • I’m on a podcast!

    That’s right, my esteemed colleague Sean Schumacher has a podcast called: “Did I Do That?” It’s about making design and making mistakes. The episode I’m on is called “My dangerous fish attack” or something like that. You can hear it here:

  • Magic Eight Ball Project

    Magic Eight Ball Project

    I made this demo for my class and I’m really into it. Thought I’d share! It’s a pretty easy project using html/css javascript and a little jquery. If you want to do the tutorial here’s part one and part two on my youtube channel

  • Artist Talk January 10th The Arts Center

    Artist Talk January 10th The Arts Center

    Here’s the video from my group show artist talk for the Vessel Exhibition at The Arts Center in Corvallis, OR.

  • Chiharu Shiota

    I came across this artist several years ago and just ran across their work again today. I don’t want to forget their name this time!

  • Rondo St Paul

    In St Paul during the years of 1956 and 1968 the community of ronda was split down the middle by the demolition of a strip of city blocks and the construction of the i-94 freeway. The above NPR interview talks about Rondo and the documentary made in 2018. You can view it on Amazon prime…

  • Trauma Informed Care and Dan Siegels Hand Brain Model

    Wanted to save this, it’s a video of Dan Siegel talking through his hand-brain model.

  • The 100 day dress challenge

    A few weeks ago I went through my closet and everything I didn’t want to immediately wear, I put in big bags. These were old favorites I don’t want to let go of but don’t wear anymore and clothes that don’t fit me but I’m convinced will fit me soon after I lose all that…

  • Broken Treaties on OPB

    Hundreds of books exist about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the decades of pioneers who followed them West. But even today, most Oregonians don’t know much about the people who had settled here centuries before “the settlers” came. “Broken Treaties” introduces viewers to the tribes of our state and explores a thread of the…

  • 100 Days of Making at ITP

    I’ve been looking through ITP’s course offerings, just brainstorming on tech I want to learn or teach, and I came across this class: 100 Days of Making. I love the idea so much. here’s the Course Description: Iteration and its impact on your creative process is the theme of this class. This course turns its…

  • Totchos!

    When we first moved to Portland in 2009, we lived in Sellwood and spent maybe too much time at Oaks Bottom pub, definitely eating too many totchos. Jim Parker is the creator of totchos. It’s nice to put a name and a face to the man who may well have been a large part of…

  • Garfield the cat — and why nextdoor helps with ennui

    Nextdoor.com is a…. weird place. It’s full of racism, humor, inappropriate humor, angry people, people who should just mind their own business, happy people, funny people, people with too much time on their hands, just people, mostly white people, because they’ve pissed off most everyone else. Sometimes a post comes along that makes me glad…

  • Lynda Barry’s Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor

    Wow, love this book! This video is a nice review of the whole book. Lynda Barry is a comic artist, writer and professor at University of Wisconsin – Madison. https://youtube.com/watch?v=UoaC8_KuNK0 want, want, want this book! …and then also omg look/hear how awesome she is

  • Designercize

    How much do I love this website? I was looking at an article about 7 great design prompt sites and found it. You can choose difficulty level and it’ll even give you a 15 minute timer to complete the exercise. another fav it came up with after hitting reload a few times: Design: a single…

Got any book recommendations?