I just sent off my first version of a Table of Contents for (hopefully) my new book. I’m so nervous. The TOC was one of my more painful memories from the last book. I think I know what they are looking for and I think I gave them a nice outline. Now I just have […]

  • Um, Hi

    I didn’t know what to name this post, so I just typed the first thing that came to mind. I have a new haircut and a Table of Contents that is actually shaping up quite nicely. I hope they like it. I’m getting pretty jazzed about this new book. I’ve been trying to give myself […]

  • SF Gate Article about Citizen Media Press Corps

    There was a nice article written up about us in the SF Gate reguarding our coverage of the SF International Film Festival. Our rag-rag team of bloggers wound up being a pretty nice sucess. It sure was great getting to see all those movies, prescription despite my crazy schedule. Read the article on SF Gate. […]

  • Photos from Inverness

    Well, it took me three weeks to get around to it, but here are some photos from our spring break weekend in Inverness. Inverness good times Cast: Tom, Mr. Zoo, Zoro the rooster, shed #5 and chickens, an angry crow, and lots of cows. And, a conversation from the other day: tom: you should have […]

  • Obaba

    SFIFF Film Review: Obaba Great film! An art school student travels to a small town in northern spain to film footage for her school video project. She winds up getting emersed in the mysterious history of the town. She realizes that she has just been a spectator in life and decides to get her feet […]

  • We are all Raccoons!

    SFIFF Movie Review: Princess Raccoon What a weird film. It’s sort of like a cross between a japanese folktale, mixed with Rocky Horror Picture Show, Japanese karaoke style, and a hint of a Queen rock opera. The story is a classic Romeo and Juliet love story. It’s sort of a tale of good vs evil, […]

  • Reasons why I shouldn’t be posting this entry

    1. Major astronomy test tomorrow on 5 chapters. 2. French test tomorrow morning. 3. hanging show at muddy waters tomorrow on Tiffany and 29th. need to make labels tonight. 4. TOC for the new book, plus sample artwork is due Friday the 5th, I haven’t started on it. 5. Five page Anthropoloy paper due May […]

  • Deerhoof meets Harry Smith

    The Heaven and Earth Magic movie+live music from Deerhoof the other night at the Castro was a good time. The first movie, Heaven and Earth Magic, is a 60 minute black and white film from 1962 full of moving collage elements suspiciously reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s animations in Monty Python. I wonder if Terry was […]

  • Gloating

    Gloating Originally uploaded by angrypirate. I went to a bookstore to research the next book. It makes me feel all gooey inside to see my book displayed on store shelves.

  • Maybe another book

    Another book deal is in the works. This one fits nicely into my schedule and sounds like it could be a lot of fun. If it works out, I can finish it over the summer and have two books under my belt before I start CCA. These books could really help me get through art […]

  • Heaven and Earth Magic – Tomorrow

    Thursday night at 9:45 the Castro Theatre in San Francisco will be showing Harry Smith’s Heaven and Earth Magic. with live score by Deerhoof. It’s going to be fun. Come on down! Film Festival website

  • Little things

    Following a creek as far as I could go. The smell of oak trees. Polywogs and tadpoles. Water Skeeters. Skipping stones. Gooey mud between the toes.

  • The Sun clouded over by foggy haze

    SFIFF Movie Review: The Sun I was all worked up to see The Sun. I really enjoyed Alexander Sokurov’s 2002 one-shot-wonder Russian Ark and I was prepared for a visually stunning film. The film stock that he chose to use baffles me. It was grainy and cloudy, At first I thought it was our copy […]

  • God as a trickster

    Movie review: Adam’s Apples I love this movie! This film is a side-splitting dark comedy involving neo nazis, God, brain tumors, crows, and apple cakes. I feel like no description I give for this movie can do it any justice but I’ll try anyway. It’s a movie about a small country church that serves as […]

  • little things

    Following a creek as far as I could go. The smell of oak trees. Polywogs and tadpoles. Water Skeeters. Skipping stones. Gooey mud between the toes.

Got any book recommendations?